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The broad scope and unique offer of secure, high-speed connectivity, state-of-the-art data centers and revolutionary telecom services from Nextstep Technology will lead your company into the digital future.


Electronic Voucher Distribution is a simple and efficient way to distribute virtual vouchers for a variety of purposes. You may use Electronic Vouchers instead of using the old way by scratch cards to top up your mobile credit. Nextstep EVD is an Electronic Voucher Distribution system developed by Nextstep Technology PLC. Nextstep Technology is an authorized Distributer of Ethio Telecom's electronic vouchers (mobile airtime). Nextstep Technology provides a simple ,fast and easy to use solution. Nextstep EVD is well advanced that you can purchase airtime through our application by just using you mobile phone.


A2P means ‘application-to-person’ SMS, so it’s the Delivery of a SMS from a software to a person which allows companies to directly communicate and authenticate users. Nextstep Technology offers the service to send automated SMS to the telephone of the end-user, which can not only be customers but also employees of your company. With More than 45 Million Mobile subscribers being available on Ethiopia A2P is a good opportunity for your company to use our service.


Nextstep technology recognizes that there is an urgent and growing need for custom solutions that are tailored specifically for the challenges individual companies in Ethiopia. As a leading Internet Service Provider with the technology, infrastructure and high expertise in this sector we offer internet services to the local market operating as a Virtual Internet Service Provider. Our Broad band Internet and IT service are complemented by excellent customer service and support. Our professional members of staff are highly qualified, devoted, skilled and committed to ensuring the success of any project they undertake for our customers. Their technical expertise coupled with the real world business experience empowers them to understand the business processes and the needs of the customers.


Do you want an entertaining or Informative experience when you call for business or your loved ones? Caller Ring Back Tone is a popular service which allows a person to customize their call back ringtone. please contact us to get Caller Ring Back Tone service.

Value Added Service

Nextstep Technology VAS is established on a Service Delivery Platform, SDP enables a variety of VAS services to be offered. The Service Delivery Platform also has the ability to create custom features that can be continuously upgraded, and will fulfill all our clients’ special needs. The Service Delivery Platform contains the following sub-products and services:
Services Factory: Voting & Competitions; SMS to Web, SMS to HTTP, SMS to TV)
Digital Messaging
Messaging Gateway
SMS Chat
IVR Division
E-Learning & digital services
WAP portal development (wireless application protocol)
Content Development Department


We offer Out Bound Dialing services which allows our customers to have access to their own Call Center.

Mobile and Website

Nextstep technology develops beautifully tailored and affordable mobile apps, either for personal projects or corporate ideas. Mobile holds tremendous promise for increased adoption of digital applications and services, content creation and distribution, education, business collaboration, and operational efficiency. We develop Mobile applications for both android and IOS platforms.

We also develop a Websites that can go hand in hand with the applications. Our websites are designed to be user friendly , dynamic and visually engaging. All websites are created exactly to the customers requirements